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Veterinarian and pet care insurance in Indianapolis and throughout Indiana.

We consider our dogs and cats to be part of our families, that’s why it’s important to protect them in the case of a serious injury or illness. Pet insurance is a great way to protect your furry friends.

Pet care insurance is gaining popularity among people who want to be able to offer the best possible care for their animal if they become ill or are injured.

When a pet needs a covered service provided by a veterinarian, the policy owner pays the bill in full and then submits it to the pet care insurance company for reimbursement.

With pet insurance, pet owners don’t have to worry about changing veterinarians. And, while there are plans available for all breeds and ages of dogs and cats, costs may vary depending on the animal’s age and breed.

Pet care insurance is a great way to keep veterinary costs under control while providing the very best care for your cat or dog. After all, pets are family, too!

For more details about how pet insurance works and to get a quote, please contact us today.

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Skaggs Insurance offers comprehensive veterinarian and pet care insurance in Indianapolis, Castleton, Marion and surrounding areas in Indiana.